10 Ton Driptech Rosin Press - 3x5 Inches Anodized Heated Platens, 500 Watts - No Pump Included

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Hydraulic Cylinder Heat Press
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10 Ton Driptech Rosin Press - 3x5 Inches Anodized Heated Platens, 500 Watts - No Pump Included


  • Dual Heated Platens Aligned - 4-piece linear bearings guarantee great line-up; frame Made of 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel Pillars,10-Ton Hydraulic Cylinder, and Durable PID Temp Controller Box.
  • Artcraft Durable Frame - Made of anodized 6061 aluminum and 4-piece stainless steel chrome rods - non-rusting and durability.
  • Heat Insulation Performance - Low heat transfer bamboo insulator guarantees quick heating-up and protects the cylinder from overheating.
  • 4 Magnets and 4 Feet Pad - Two magnets installed on the frame, other two magnets inside the package; 4 pieces of feet pad included in the package to prevent scratches on the working table.
  • No Pump Included - The pump sold separately, buy the 10-ton pump with pressure gauge from dp-cp590g

  • Temperature Range: 0-399F
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Voltage: 110/220 Volts
  • Total Weight: 32.1 lbs
  • Package Dimension: 20.4" x 13.3" x 12.9"
  • Frame Dimension: (H) 40cm x (W) 23cm x (D) 21.5cm
  • PID Temp Controller Box Dimension: (H) 21.5cm x (W) 15cm x (D) 8.3cm
  • Pressing Area: 3" x 5"
  • Clearance between Upper and Bottom Platens: 32mm/1.26"
      Pumps for Pairing:

      How to Avoid the Filter Bags from Blowing out?

      • Remove excess stems from flowers.
      • Use less material in your filter bag.
      • Preheating your material first to get it melty before you begin to apply pressure.
      • Apply the pressure more slowly.
      Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

      • How to choose filters and prepress molds.
      • The yields are not very good, why?
      • How to apply the pressure for optimal yield and quality?
      • How to begin extracting.
      • Important notice.
      • Troubleshooting.
      • Question and answer.
      • Check it out here (Highly recommended to read it before doing a purchase).

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 80 reviews
        10 ton portable dab press

        I think it would be nice to have just slightly larger opening to place the parchment paper but for a compact model this is still a good size. Very easy to use and work with. My only feedback is to also put foot pads on the bottom side so you can tip the machine from side to bottom (for drip tech) without the steel coming into contact with the work surface. Press produces nice product

        10 Ton driptek

        This press is amazing, heats up quick and build solid. I get a lot more return from this press than I did from a homemade press with Cannaplates and I love the driptek feature, makes for more golden budder rosin as its pulled away from the hot plates.

        Well worth the price, and the customer service is second to none, any problems with your equipment they will fix or exchange and usually something for the inconvenience on your end. All round great company, plus the sativa i dabbed before writing this has this going longer than usual. Thanks Dab Press!!


        10 Ton Driptech Rosin Press - 3x5 Inches Anodized Heated Platens, 500 Watts - No Pump Included

        Awesome machine

        Absolutely loving my driptech DabPress. Built solidly with great customer service. Would recommend without hesitation.

        Amazing quality press and plates!

        I am really impressed with the quality of the press, everything is built strong and with longevity in mind. A few issues with the pump but they were very quick to rectify any issues.

        User Manual & Troubleshooting Includes:

        - Recommendations on Materials Loaded
        - How to Begin Extracting
        - How to Start
        - Installation
        - Important Notices
        - Questions & Answers
        - Troubleshooting

        User Manual List:

        1, Cylinder Pre Press Mold 
        2, 2X4" Pre Press Mold 
        3, DIY Uncaged Press Plates Kit 
        4, Bottle Jack Styled Rosin Press 
        5, DIY Caged Press Plates Kit 
        6, Hydraulic Cylinder Styled Rosin Press 
        7, Rosin Bags & Combo 
        8, Hydraulic Hand Pump with Gauge 


        Ask a Question
        • Can I just use an air compressor instead?

          Thanks for reaching out. Since it attaches 10-ton hydraulic cylinder, so it can't be powered with the air compressor. If you mean the foot pump with the air compressor, it is no issue.

        • what is the power wattage per plate?

          250 watts per heating rods, 500 watts in total. It reaches setting temp about 4 mins. Thank you!

        • When are you going to start getting some of these presses back in stock? Half of your inventory has been gone for a while. The European plug model doesn't help.

          10-Ton hydraulic cylinder rosin press is available now. Thank you!

        • How do you use this to make wax ? Are there complete instructions on how to use this machine

          Thanks for your question! It is a solventless extractor to flower,bubble hash,dry sift etc.

        • I have the dp-bj6t35 and use pre cut 7x10 inch wide parchment paper. This press looks less wide, will 7 inch wide parchment fit? Thanks

          Hello! Thanks for your reaching out right here. I recommend you pre-fold the parchment paper into a tube. When you see the rosin coming out, please tilt the unit forward (driptech). The rosin will drip on the paper under the unit.

        • Can you get this with the 3x7 cage plates?

          Thanks for your question! We can't rebuild it into 3x7" plates. 

        • What would I need to get it to work with the pump linked to in this question? Just got mine and can't find any of the suggested pumps in stock: https://www.prolinemax.com/MH3-Manual-10000-PSI-Air-Hydraulic-Hand-Pump-Pressure-auge-72-Hose-Coupler_p_2712.html

          Dear Michael, Thanks for your reaching out right here. I got the response from Stongway Support. 10-Ton hydraulic pump with a pressure gauge will be available on Mid-January, 2019. Could you please start pressing with stongway 10 ton pump without a gauge? and you can replace it once the pump with gauge is available? Merry Christmas! Best regards, Dabpress Team 

        • I have the Strongway pump that is recommended to buy what PSI on the gauge should it be reading while I am pressing flower?

          It depends on how big is your pucks. Usually, 4k-5k is the normal psi at the end of rosin bags.

        • Is in this product realy no pump included? I cant find a pump on your site seperate.

          Pump Recommended: 

          To North America Customer -  Hydraulic Pump with Gauge and Hose - 10-Ton Capacity $79.99 |  Buy Strongway Pump with Guage Off Amazon  $79.99 |  Buy Strongway Pump with Guage Off Northen Tool $49.74 | Porta Power Pump w/o Gauge Off eBay.com To Europe Customer - 10 TON Hydraulic Hand Pump Hose & Gauge Porta Power 

          £90.00 | Buy Porta Power Pump with Gauge Off eBay.co.uk €57.81 | HBM 10 Ton Hydraulic Pump with Manometer To Australia Customer - Manual Hydraulic Pump Aluminum Alloy with gauge $101 | Buy The Pump with Gauge Off Aliexpress.com AU $401.99 | Electric Driven Hydraulic Pump 10000 PSI 70Mpa

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