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How To Choose the Right Hydraulic Press to Pair dp-rp33?

"I have shared that with the world already, if it will help future rosineers feel free to post it."
I've been looking around at a suitable pairing for the dp-rp33 3x3" plates I have, man those arbor presses are not cheap, I thought maybe a 2-ton would work out well for a small 3.5-7g squish using bottle tech with a 3.14 sq/in footprint. These 2-ton arbor presses cost more than a shop press. 

Here's some links to some of the affordable presses available in the US. Some of these go on sale regularly for $50+ off with free shipping so keep checking back if you're still laying out your build

20-ton H-frame floor standing (with seperate pump and gauge) - $439
20-ton H-frame floor standing - $189
12-ton H-frame floor standing - $129
12-ton H-frame bench top - $199
10-ton H-frame bench top with seperate pump and gauge - $289
6-ton A-frame bench top press (consider 12-ton H-frame for more durability) - $77
2-ton Arbor Press - $255
Calculate your plate surface area:
For square/rectangle plates L" * W"
if a circle, Radius * 3.1416.
1 ton = 2000lbs

To find the max PSI divide the max tonnage by the surface area of the plates (the surface area of the actual puck itself, will reveal the true PSI), for example 6-tons is 12000 lb's, divided by 9 sq/in (3x3" plates), 12000/9 = max PSI 1333 (maxing out a press's capability is not advised)


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