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Dabpress DP-RP37 Anodized Caged Plate Kit - Rosin Press and Review

I do a couple of squishes then a short review of the Dabpress dp-rp37 3x7" Anodized Caged Rosin Plate Kit. Overall the kit is very solid and a good unit! I would highly recommend this device to anyone building their own DIY Rosin Press. At $399, it is an affordable part of your vapor arsenal and paired with a $150-200 12-20ton shop press, you will have a setup that should last you through many a presses! Pros - Clean design, Fast Shipping from China, solid heavy duty construction on the rosin plates, quick heatup time, easy installation, anodized plates for easy external temperature monitoring, smooth function, even pressure applied across the puck, no unaligned, or unlevel plates, perfect alignment every squish. Cons - The controller would be best suited using a 5-pin male XLR connector which is what is standard amongst other enail units on the market. (See updated details below)

UPDATE: The manufacturer has provided me with information regarding my critique of the heating element connectors to the PID controller. Here is the explanation behind the design: 1, Standard 5-pin XLR is easy to break. It seem like a cell phone charger. These cables are easy to break at the connected position with the controller. Those connectors are welded, it is easy to pull off. 2, All heaters have a working life. Usually it is about 6000-8000 times. Dabpress controller is not compatible with enail heaters as it is designed to be used within rosin temperature pressing range. ----- Now that I understand that the controller is not meant to be interchangeable like some other units on the market, it makes sense. I had assumed the PID was calibrated the same as a standard enail controller but apparently the operating range is different for this unit. Understanding that reasoning, and especially that the connectors are more flexible due to the design, I feel this is not a design flaw.

Enjoy Your Pressing!

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